Angela Simmons Ran To The Defense After She posted pictures Of Her Natural Body Showing Off Her Fat Thighs

Shoe designer and former “Growing Up Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons made a big splash over the weekend following her appearance at Miami Swim Week 2022, where she modeled a green bikini for the Matt Collection’s swimwear show

Appeared to be having problems with Angela’s body

The 34-year-old soon became a trending topic on social media when photos from the annual event, showing off her curvy body, made their way onto the internet. Of course, people had a lot to say, many of whom appeared to be having issues with Angela’s body for one reason or another.

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Shared two photos of Angela’s rundown” editor

Some critics couldn’t stand seeing the more adult Angela, others were mean to comments about her body. However, fans were quick to come to the rescue of the Pastry co-founder, including a Twitter user who shared two photos of the former “Angela’s Rundown” editor, reminding online trolls that “Angela Simmons is beautiful and All are natural.

so used to surgical body

Another supporter commented, “You all keep saying the same shit about Chloe Bailey and Angela Simmons not having sex appeal. You’re all so used to them that GMOs are factory-made assembly line bodies that are natural.” Women are safe in their own skin which makes you uncomfortable. Some of you hate black women just because they exist.”

Raw No Edit,” former reality star

The serial entrepreneur grabbed hold of herself when she took to her Instagram page, where she shared several videos of herself sporting a very revealing look and a few scenes walking down the runway. “Raw no edit,” the former reality star captioned one of her many posts. “Real body matters and thick thighs save lives.

Written by Angela Simmons

Fans and friends praised the star for encouraging body positivity, including songwriter Angie Beyoncé, who wrote, “I think showing real body, in real time, in real life is so amazing and inspiring for you.” Is.” She said, “It’s bold and it’s brave! You’re beautiful and what you’re doing is beautiful to a lot of girls and women.” “It’s natural to me,” commented another online user. “You look amazing just like that. No filters needed.”

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