Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna starrer Pushpa are continuously rocking the box office. Despite coming on Amazon Prime, many people are going to theaters to watch it. Every character of the film has won the hearts of people with his acting and Allu is as if dominated in everyone’s heart and mind. At the same time, Rashmika has also left a deep impression of her acting. However, here we are talking about Anasua Bhardwaj, who plays the wife of the head of sandalwood smuggling in this Pushpa. He had brought an interesting twist to the whole story with his small role. Here we are introducing you to her glamorous style.

Anayua Bharadwaj Posing Ravishingly

If you have ‘Pushpa’, then you will know the character of Dakshinayani very well, who is in the role of the wife of smuggler Konda Reddy, the arch-rival of Allu Arjun. While in Pushpa, dashing Allu was seen in the country getup of a village smuggler, while Anasua appeared in the role of a ferocious woman. Since she belongs to a family in the film in which bloodshed is common, she later kills her husband to avenge her brother’s death.

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Anasuya’s Answer to the User’s Aunt

In the latest chat with Anasuya on Instagram, a netizen i.e. social media user asked her age-shaming, what should I call Akka i.e. sister or aunt? Giving a befitting reply to this, the actress wrote, No one. You don’t even know me very well… these names are age shaming or age shaming. Anasuya also did not like ‘Akka’ by the user and he also called it age shaming. The netizen further said that the actress should not even accept praise. Responding to the user’s statement, he said, ‘Intent matters. I am sure you know very well what I mean.’

Anasuya is Looking Very Beautiful in the Picture

However, Anasuya is completely different in her real life and also quite glamorous which you can see in these pictures. Whereas in the film, with a sroata in hand, a soldier is seen cutting and eating paan. Later, she looks even more dangerous. Seeing these pictures of her, one cannot believe that she is the same dreaded Anasuya who kills Konda Reddy in Pushpa in one go. 38-year-old TV anchor and supporting actress in films She is also known for leaving an impact with her small roles i.e. cameo roles.

Anasuya said, Earlier Trolls had an Effect but Not Now

Further in the conversation session, Anasuya shared how she is dealing with negativity on social media. The awesome host shared that negative comments and trolls used to affect her and the family earlier, but not now because everyone is ‘getting stronger’. Will come back to the one. By the way, Anasuya Bhardwaj is known as the Queen of Mother-in-law. This is the reason that recently a shaming comment was also made about him, to which he also gave a befitting reply and reprimanded the user.