Amy Winehouse Reveals Rehab Was The Silly Time Of Her Life

Although he made great music, Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” is his most famous. Winehouse revealed that the song was inspired by a time in her life when she was generally “silly”. Next, she explained that she was interested in a man she felt was right for her when she wrote the song.

Discussed the album Back to Black

During a 2007 interview with MTV News, Winehouse discussed her album Back to Black. He was not sure how the public would react to it. Despite this, she said she was proud of Back to Black. Next, she revealed the origin of the album’s most famous song.

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“‘Rehab’ is about a time … I was going through a bad patch and I wasn’t working out as much as I was doing now, so I didn’t have the stuff to keep me busy,” he said. remembered. “And I was just going out, playing pool all day, drinking, and just generally being quite carefree, stupid, and stupid.

Winehouse revealed

She was in a relationship when he wrote “Rehab”. “I was in love at the time and I knew it couldn’t work out,” she said. “It’s the very right place, the wrong time, or the right partner, the very wrong time. We were definitely meant for each other too much. We can’t be together, can’t be together.”

Winehouse also told

Hence the song makes reference to rehabilitation. “I did something really wrong, and basically, my managers at the time actually tried to get me into rehab, and I was like, ‘Yeah,'” Winehouse said rolling her eyes. “I thought it was stupid.

“Rehab” also became a huge hit in the United Kingdom.

According to The Official Charts Company, the song peaked at number 7 in the UK, remaining on the chart for 76 weeks. Meanwhile, Back to Black topped the charts for six weeks. It remained on the UK charts for a total of 468 weeks. A deluxe version of the album peaked at number 55 on the charts for one week.

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