Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol Love Story First Friend Then Love

Amrita told when and how she said yes to RJ Anmol’s proposal. She says- ‘The best part was that he didn’t do anything to get me into a relationship with him. Those who know Anmol know that Anmol is a real-life hero for many reasons.

Amrita Started Missing Him After Anmol Went Away

In a conversation with ETimes, Amrita Rao said- ‘Anmol and I had become very good friends but when he expressed love, I was in the friendship zone in my mind at that time. So he thought it better to go away from me until only friendship for me comes in his heart. At that time I started missing her, I used to write about her in a diary every day which I still have. In that diary I wrote that I used to like her and I can become a better Amrita in her positive nature and attitude.

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Amrita and RJ Met For The First Time on a Radio Station

Amrita was here for the promotion of her film. On seeing him, Anmol lost his heart on him. At the same time, Amrita also liked Anmol’s style. After a conversation on the radio station, Amrita came home but left her heart with Anmol and it was from here that their love started. Amrita told that, ‘I was dating Anmol’ but when she proposed for marriage When I did, I felt that this relationship was getting serious. Let us tell you that Anmol and Amrita dated each other for about 7 years, but no one in the industry even got to know about it.

Amrita Said This Thing

Amrita says, the love story between a film star and a radio jockey has never happened before in the world. Our love story is really unique and fairy tale. Our relationship has always been very sacred to us and now that we are opening the doors to the world, we really hope that we can present it to our fans in the same exciting way. Let me tell you, Amrita was last year only. And have become precious parents. Amrita gave birth to a son in November. His son’s name is Veer. Talking about the workfront, Amrita Rao was last seen in the film Thackeray, released in the year 2019.

Anmol’s Proposal was Accepted in The Car Parking

At the end of my notes, I couldn’t let this man go from my life. Boys like this don’t exist anymore, so positive, honest and so committed. I finally met him in his car in the Novotel parking on the evening of 5th November and told him yes, also told that this is my first relationship and it is going to be more serious for me from here on out.

Parents Became parents After Four Years of Marriage

Amrita and Anmol tied the knot in the year 2016. The news of his marriage reached very few people. In November 2020, after four years of marriage, the couple welcomed their son. Now after the birth of the son, Amrita and Anmol are keeping their love-starry in front of the world.

Funny Love Story of RJ Anmol-Amrita Rao

Amrita and Anmol started dating each other since then. He told that both of them had come to know at the time of dating, that things are getting serious now. Amrita said, ‘We were committed to each other. This was my first relationship with Anmol and I wanted it to lead to marriage. I was not the kind of girl who dated in college or anything like that.I always used to say that I will take my time but my first relationship will be the one which will lead to marriage. I am not saying that this happens to everyone but I think I am lucky.

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