American Viewers Of Bluey Go On A Trend With A Very Innocent Word

The pronunciation of the beloved Australian kid’s cartoon has ‘puzzled’ some international viewers. As one of Australia’s most successful TV exports, Bluey has established itself in the Australian language. Comedy and daily life have aired on screens around the world. Many people took to social media after being impressed by a wine bottle-like object seen in one of the scenes.

TikTok is full of videos about it

But now confused American audiences have picked up on the Australian pronunciation of a particular word. And Tiktok is full of videos about it. A simple sentence uttered by Bingo has given rise to a trend on social media. Airport, I’m not going to the airport,” Bingo says in one scene. How big are your wine bottles that they’ll take up such a large bush?” wondered another.

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In captioned TV in the US

TV captions in the US reportedly have a very unusual way of spelling “airport”. It appears on screen as “ehpowt” due to the Australian twang of bingo. Now a TikTok trend has emerged in which Americans attempt to mimic Australian accents. and see if they can do it successfully without it falling out of their mouth. Many of the classically Australian words in Bluey leave some international viewers scratching their heads and reaching for the dictionary.

She captioned her video

A stunned onlooker tried to say “airport” in the Aussie way. and found that he actually had to say the words with his mouth to get the sound right. What is the science and logic behind this?” she captioned her video, clearly shocked. One commenter replied “I guess. It just depends on your typical American accent / where in America you’re from.

Said an American

“I personally speak slurred speech so it’s hard to try and force a straight mouth,” wrote one. Others were generally confused by the pronunciation of “airport”. Sorry to all Australians, But the pronunciation of ‘ehpot’ is bizarre,” said one American. But it’s not just the Australian accent that’s been baffling American audiences lately. The Massachusetts mum Amanda was so confused, she asked a Facebook group for help and finally got an answer from an Australian member.

Written by an Australian mother

Sharing a screenshot with a red circle around the item in question, Amanda wrote: “Inquiring minds would love to know. What’s up with the bottle of wine in the bushes in the episode Daddy Robot.” The item was definitely a cricket. Bat – But cricket isn’t exactly big in America. One Australian mother wrote, “Knew immediately it was a cricket bat.” Holly, a Missouri viewer, posted on Facebook a list of all the words she had trouble understanding. From “Good On Ya” and “Sat Nev” to “Tomato Sauce” and “Takeaway”.

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