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American Boxer Jake Paul Girlfriend Julia Challenges Tommy Fury partner Molly Mae Hague

There is going to be a fierce fight next month between American boxer Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. The debate between the two was going on for a long time on both social media. But now this battle has gone even further. Because a verbal war has started between the partners of both the boxers.

American boxer Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia challenges Tommy Fury’s partner Molly-Mae Hague

Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose challenges Tommy Fury’s partner Molly-Mae Hague to mud-wrestling with him

Julia Rose makes a bet with Molly and asks how sure she is about Tommy’s victory. When there was talk of further condition, he said that we can do mud-wrestling. After this, there was a Twitter war between the two.
When Molly tweeted about the fight between the two boxers, Julia Rose reminded her not to forget the condition between them.

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The condition between the two has now become a matter of discussion.

Jake Paul is a YouTuber as well as a Professional Boxer. Jake Paul and Tommy Fury started a verbal war some time ago through social media, after which this fight has been decided. The two will face each other in the ring on December 18.

career start

Boxer Jake Paul attended the 2016 New York Olympics at Conjb Paul College. By then his YouTube channel had gained a modest following through the platform Vine. He moved to a full-time campus campus at Ohio University in 2014. Studied Industrial Engineering at Ohio University to pursue a career as a full-time social media entertainer. Los Angeles with other Vine stars.

Early life and career

Paul has English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Jewish ancestry. Growing up in Ohio with younger brother Jake Paul, Paul began making internet videos at the age of 10 for a YouTube channel called Josh. He attended Westlake High School, achieved the rank of The Plain Dealer’s All-Star linebacker in 2012, and qualified for the state-level 64 – Ohio High School Athletic Association 2013 Division I individual wrestling championship.

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