Amber Riley Surprising Weight Loss Has A Message For Fatphobic People

Glee star Amber Riley has a message for all the ‘fatphobic’ people out there. who are slipping into her DMs after her amazing weight loss? Amber’s weight loss journey over the past decade has been remarkable. The star, who was one of the most loved characters on the comedy-drama series Glee, has been candid about transforming her body. “I have always been comfortable with my shape. I just decided it’s time to get healthy.

Amber made the Decision to start Healthy eating in 2011

Now that she’s lost the weight and broke up with her boyfriend, Deason Black. So the 36-year-old is opening up about all the attention she’s getting in her DMs. Amber made the decision to start healthy eating in 2011. In just a few months into her new resolution, the actress lost an impressive amount of weight and looked quite different. However, despite talking openly about the positive aspects of weight loss, Amber reiterates that she has always been confident about her body.

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Seven months after starting the Journey

Seven months after starting her weight loss journey, Amber told PEOPLE. As reported by Daily Mail: “I’ve dropped two dress sizes. Talking about deciding to lose weight. The actress reveals she went to her doctor one day with chronic abdominal pain “I decided I was going to make a change and eat healthier,” she said, adding that the fast-food she was eating “was attacking my stomach.

As Reported by InTouch Weekly

‘I’m a lot more comfortable in clothes, especially gowns. As reported by InTouch Weekly, Amber once shared how she used the stairs instead of the elevator. “So I decided to take the stairs as a little pre-workout before exiting the station instead of the elevator. Rookie deserves a mistake,” he said. “My feet were on fire! But it was a good burn.” Amber has a crazy fan following for her acting talent and role in Glee. Fans also love her for her impeccable style.

The Dancing with the Stars winner took a video of himself in the gym and wrote?

She took to her Instagram on Wednesday, June 15, and called on all ‘fatphobic’ people to slip into her DMs. The Dancing With the Stars winner took a video of herself in the gym and wrote: “I’ve known for years to fall in my DMs because I’ve lost weight. The star then wrote: “Keep the same fatphobic energy player. Poop Not emoji here but the scale has changed,” in her DMs.

Drake and Josh’s Yvette Nicole Brown

Drake and Josh’s Yvette Nicole Brown, who also experienced their own weight loss journey, can relate to the post. Wrote in the comments: “Okay? They just act like we took off the ‘invisibility cloak’ or something. I’m here Playa! And you weren’t interested. Keep the same energy and kick a rock. Amber Riley Trending threw fans back to his iconic role as Mercedes Jones again in glee.

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