Amazing Paloma Faith Enthralls Fans As Newmarket Nights Season Kicks Off With A Bang

Paloma Faith delighted fans with a stellar start to the Newmarket Nights summer season.

BRIT Award winner inaugurates 2022 Newmarket Nights schedule on June 17

After horse racing, The Only Love Can Hurt Like This singer enthralled the crowd at the famous West Suffolk Racecourse on the hottest day of the year. Performing in the sweltering heat on Friday evening, the 40-year-old singer-songwriter and actress sat atop a piano on a stage during the show in her jewel-adorned black dress.

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Gold, Lori on Paloma’s Newmarket Nights setlist

The Stone Cold-sober hitmaker later discarded his long red “marigolds”—as he described them—the sweaty gloves literally taking off, and took off his red heels, too. Paloma’s Newmarket Nights setlist The album included tracks such as Gold, Lullaby, Can’t Rely on You, the #1 Hit Changing, and the fan-favorite Only Love Can Hurt Like This.

The chart-topping star had a scintillating evening with gig-goers

The Jockey Club live concert was part of Paloma Faith’s huge summer The Age of Optimism tour, and the chart-topping star delighted gig-goers on a glitzy evening, as our pics show. A post on Paloma’s Instagram page Did: “See you in Newmarket last night, such an amazing performance, the crowd loved you.”

“Newmarket was amazing! You are my spirit animal,” posted another fan, while another wrote: “You were fab in Newmarket. Jockey Club Live tweeted: “What an amazing day for our first Newmarket Night of 2022 Is! thanks |

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