Even women leaders are not safe in Imran Khan’s new Pakistan. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s MLA Sania Ashiq has become a victim of cybercrime. His alleged pornographic video is going viral on social media. The police are not in a position to say much even after a long investigation.

Alleged obscene video of a woman legislator from Pakistan goes viral

, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s MLA Sania Ashiq from Takshashila assembly constituency of Punjab had lodged a complaint with the police. After a long investigation, the police recently arrested a person. But she is avoiding giving any information about him. MLA Sania came to know about this video last month. On which he informed the government and the Central Investigation Agency in this regard on 26 October.

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Information given on social media

On October 26, Sania Ashiq filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency. Later its copy was also shared on his social media account. He alleges that a pornographic video is going viral on social media for several days. The woman seen in it looks like him. At the same time, it is being claimed that the woman seen in the video is Sania Aashiq.

Three weeks of investigation, one arrested

After the complaint, the police and FIA of Punjab province started an investigation. After an investigation that lasted for about three weeks, the police have arrested a person from Lahore. However, the identity of the person has not been revealed. The police also did not say whether the woman seen in the video is Sania Aashiq or someone else. The police only told me that a new FIR has been registered. Further investigation is going on about this person.

Sania is close to Maryam Nawaz

At the same time, in a conversation with ‘Pakistan Today’, Sania said. Some people have made my video viral on social media. Also, some of my pictures have also gone viral. Since then I have been getting threatening phone calls. Sania is a member of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and is considered close to Maryam Nawaz, daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Sania has been surrounding the Imran government on many issues.