All this Over a School Shirt EastEnders Brand Stacey Fans are Ungrateful as She Lashes Out at Kat Over Family Money Woes

EastEnders viewers were left in a tizzy as Stacey (Lacey Turner) and Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) clashed on Tuesday evening. While trying to help a financially strapped single mother, Kat tries to find a new family home. Decided to surprise her with a fridge/freezer, a school uniform, and a delicious dinner.

The Proud Cousin didn’t Appreciate her

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But it appeared her proud cousin didn’t appreciate it – as she lashed out at Kat and even ended up throwing a takeaway at her in a heated moment. When daughter Lily parades past Kat in her new school shirt, she appears grateful at first before seeing the color red – Stacey declares that she alone can provide for her children.

EastEnders fans Tuesday evening

Many fans of the soap couldn’t relate to Stacey’s outburst. Because he took to social media to call her ‘ungrateful’. ‘All this over a school shirt?’: EastEnders fans branded Stacey ‘ungrateful’ on Tuesday evening as she hit out at Kat for attempting to help the family’s cash crunch.

Trying to help a struggling single mom

Helping: In an effort to help a financially strapped single mother, Kat decides to surprise the family with a new fridge/freezer, school uniforms, and a delicious meal. Last week, Lily was seen explaining to mum Stacey that her school shirt had grown too small – the struggling parent decided to DIY the repair rather than fork out for a new one.

Deciding to pounce

But deciding to swoop in for the rescue, Kat dips into her fiancé Phil Mitchell’s bank account to help out his family. As Lily prepares her new school shirt for the rest of the family, she excitedly tells Stacey that Kat bought it for her – receiving a sour reaction. ‘It’s my job to dress my kids,’ defends Stacey, as her cousin replies she’s ‘just helping’.

Real-life since becoming Michelle

‘Stacey, yesterday you said you needed some things and Kat went and got them for you. Be grateful,’ Jean says as she joins in, while Kat then quips that she and Phil ‘won’t bother next time’. ‘Oh “me and Phil”. You’ve forgotten what real life is like since you became Michelle,’ snapped Stacey.

Kat starts to get excited

Maintaining that he is ‘still a grafter’ Kat starts to get excited as she tells Stacey: ‘Everything I’ve done for you today. After that? you’re jealous’.

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