Alicia Vikander Plays 33-Year-Old Vikander A Pop Star In The TV Show

Carrying a broken heart into your art. Alicia Vikander opened up about portraying the character who experiences a miscarriage after dealing with the loss of her pregnancy. We have a baby now, but it took us time,” the actress told The Times of London in an interview published on Sunday, 24 July, while promoting Irma.

Vikander, 33, in the new Sky Atlantic TV show

In the new Sky Atlantic TV show, Vikander, 33, plays a pop star. Joe suffers a miscarriage and is asked to perform on stage immediately afterwards. She also played a character who experienced two separate miscarriages in The Light Between Oceans, the film where she met husband Michael Fassbender in 2014. “I paused and thought, ‘Am I going to talk about this?’ But I think it’s universal and a lot of women go through similar things. And it’s tough,” she told the magazine at the time.

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Dila di the light between ocean,” he said?

The Tomb Raider star, who welcomed her first child with Fassbender, 45, in 2021. Playing out these scenarios can help actors “totally” deal with this kind of trauma. “The miscarriage was so extreme, painful and of course, it reminded me of making that movie The Light Between Oceans,” she said. “That movie now has another meaning.” Like his Irma Weep character, Vikander said that celebrities are often told that the show should go on even when their personal lives are falling apart.

have an office job so you can go a little far

“Sometimes you go through the things that are hard in life. And if you have an office job you can get carried away a little bit,” she explained. “But there are times when I or a co-worker has gone through something. And, well, I can’t figure out how they walked the red carpet afterward. People meeting up with are asking, ‘You how are you doing?’ Considering what they were doing now, most people were unable to leave their homes.

Swedish native loses her pregnancy

The Sweden native was able to avoid such situations during the loss of her pregnancy. She had previously revealed that she struggled with a miscarriage in the early parts of the coronavirus pandemic. So he had the luxury of keeping the details private. I tried to get pregnant for a while,” she told Harper’s Bazaar UK in April. “So I had a tough time during the lockdown. I struggled for some time. The former Machina star didn’t realize she wanted children until she was 30. And the miscarriage made her all the more sure of her desire to be a mother.

Fassbender and Vikander are notoriously private

Fassbender and Vikander are notoriously private, choosing not to reveal their child’s name. Although the news of their baby was confirmed in September 2021, the Times interview from Sunday stated that their son is 17 months old, meaning the little one arrived around February 2021. However, the Oscar winner hopes that being so open about her infertility struggles will help others. “For a while I didn’t think I could be pregnant,” she explained.

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