Alicia Keys Receives $400K Egypt-Themed Necklace From Swizz Beats

Even after years of marriage, Swizz Beatz is always looking for new ways to shower Alicia Keys with gifts. With his wife, who performed in Milan earlier this week. The multi-platinum manufacturer paired Keys with an extraordinary Egyptian-themed series. In which other rappers will tuck their jewelry.

baguette diamonds in the shape of ancient pyramids

Designed by renowned jeweler Alliance. The pendant features baguette diamonds in the shape of an ancient pyramid and a portrait of an 18th-century R&B icon inspired by Queen Nerfiti of Ancient Egypt.

Guests posed in awe of the gorgeous piece

Alliance shared a video of Alicia trying on the chain for the first time. As guests posed for photos in awe of the gorgeous piece. Swizz may have more orders for Alliance. Because he said that his children want further. He remarked, “King thanks you zaaaaaaaaaa.” “The kids said they wanted to go ahead.”

Alliance’s Instagram posts

The Murphy-inspired series is a far cry from that time. When Alliance and Swizz traded. She contested a series decorated with diamonds for Alicia Keys to close in 2021. Which featured an icy pendant suitably sporting piano keys with “keys” on top of a shiny silver necklace.

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The “Keys” series also received JAY-Z’s seal of approval.

“When AK comes out with the key chain. I mean, come on, man, it’s so hard.” Jay said during a Twitter Space conversation in December. “At first, and by the way, I didn’t tell you that But that series is very tough, and it comes from a different place.

“It goes beyond a display of wealth. But people recognize it as it is today. This point comes back again, at the behest of Mansa Musa and all the great kings of Ethiopia and Africa.”

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