Alice Walker J.K. Rowling TERF Idea in a New Essay

In a new essay posted to her website last week, “The Color Purple” author Alice Walker joins fellow author J.K. Rowling. Walker writes, “I read the first Harry Potter novel and thought it extraordinary.” Life with its ups and downs put off reading the later volumes.”

Addressing Anti-Trans Statements

Addressing the anti-trans statements made by Rowling that led to what she refers to as a “witch hunt”, Walker says, “I J. views on whatever concerns her. as he has done.

Notoriety as the author of the Potter books

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Rowling, whose notoriety as the author of the Harry Potter books has overshadowed in recent years by the infamy of her TERF opinions. Last month a turn appeared on a Weiss-produced podcast to quell the backlash.

Asked by podcast host Megan Phelps-Roper – an affiliate of the Westboro Baptist Church – if she worried about what would become of her “legacy”, Rowling remarked, “Whatever happens, I’ll be dead.”

The worst part of supporting Alice Walker

“I think the worst part of Alice Walker’s support for JK Rowling is her cynical deployment of the larger position of her community as if to almost assure us that her support for the gender-confused is well informed when in fact she is.” Looks like every other TERF,” tweeted Zoey, a writer and assistant professor of photography at RISD.

What Alice Walker revealed

“I think what Alice Walker has revealed is that many of our Black feminist faves are probably TERFs,” comments Dr. Jane M. Jackson. “Not only that, they have a host of words, concepts, and theoretical principles that they can try to marshal to navigate around their transphobia. It is what it is.”

Covered by Out Magazine

Walker’s essay, which covered by Out magazine on Thursday, received a backlash of its own ramping by the weekend, with many taking to Twitter to express their dismay.

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