Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia Kashyap is very open about her life. Alia not only shares her personal life with the world. Rather, she also teaches fans and followers from her personal experience.

Aaliyah’s video on youtube for a long time

In such a situation, his fans have started questioning him and requesting him to make more videos. A fan asked what kind of people Alia dislike. On this, he told that he does not like arrogant people. They don’t like if someone treats others badly. He also has a serious problem with cheating.

Alia said

Other fans talked to him about the small breast. Alia said that it is very normal to have small breasts. She has small breasts and she likes this thing. There are many problems with this that they do not have. If your partner is mature, then he will also have no problem with this.

Hymen muscle after having sex for the first time

A female fan talked to Alia about bleeding during sex for the first time. On this he told that this has not happened to him. But this thing is very normal. When having sex for the first time, the hymen muscle breaks, due to which there is some bleeding. Alia Kashyap said that some of her friends also bleed

Alia Kashyap told in this video

How does she deal with insecurity and jealousy in her relationship? He told that because of past relationships, he feels jealous and insecure. But if this happens to you too, then you should talk to your partner. Don’t let the past affect you today.