Alexandre Vauthier Paris Fashion Week 2022

The designer added an edge of the eighties to last season’s romantic collection. Alexandre Vauthier took it even further this season, with a collection that played with proportion on suits and peek-a-boo with dresses. It was a nod to Grace Jones’s “nightclubbing,” which worked perfectly with disco ball bling. The latest look will speak to the celebrity stylists who love her gowns for the red carpet.

Seasons served as the bones of this collection

Last season served as the bones of this collection. And they combined Art Deco code and ’30s shapes with an ’80s edge. Vauthier developed silhouettes in thicker fabrics such as silk and velvet. While silver sequins or bright slashes of blue stand out to counteract any sweetness.

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Jean-Paul Gaultier Vale Vauthier used it in his training

“I wanted something strong and sensual, because the previous collection was a bit romantic,” he said backstage after the show. Vauthier, who worked under Jean Paul Gaultier, made it down to his training. “Sometimes people say to me, ‘You’re obsessed with the ’80s, and maybe it’s because this is my generation. But it’s not about an impact, it’s that you have the power to create your own voice. For all the right techniques and the right timing, you have the right voice.

Acid Washed Double Denim K” Texas Tuxedo

He nodded in the former seriousness of his all-girl boss to a “working girl” power suit. But cut the sleeves and took the waist less literally. Acid-washed double denim’s “Texas Tuxedo” was given a sequined sheen. But felt unnecessary because, as always, her gowns are the real star here. For one, his atelier designed a version of the thin, shiny feather-like rhododend fringe. Which covered a see-through black square, catching the light, and giving off a nocturnal bird-paradise vibe. A kind of clubbing Papageno, so to speak.

As the designer described them

what boot/pants hybrids were in the collection; Worn with almost every tenue. Which had a sort of confusing effect, as it was hard to determine if they were just dull shoes. Or actually “crash pants on shoes,” as the designer described them. Either way, he gave the look an extra dose of French cool, that unforgivable vibe that Vauthier has mastered.

Talking About Excess, In Couture Vauthier

Speaking of excess, Couture brings to the fore the haute showman in Vauthier. His flair for showstopper pieces is only matched by his incredible technical matrise. “This is the Covid-19 paradox,” he joked backstage before the show. “Everything has fallen short, so we had to come up with the most insanely inventive technical solutions to make the best out of the situation.

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