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Akshay Kumar Claims He Is Not Committed To Films After Samrat Prithviraj

Amidst speculations that Akshay Kumar is not committed to a film as he does 3-4 projects every year, the actor has finally responded. He said that his 8 hours on a film set is equal to 14-15 hours of other stars.

The actor will be seen in Akshay Kumar’s film Raksha Bandhan.

Actor Akshay Kumar will soon be seen in Aanand L Rai’s directorial venture Raksha Bandhan. The film will be his third big budget release this year. Apart from a few exceptions, the box office hasn’t scored much in terms of numbers. While discussions about actors’ pay cuts have already begun, as many Hindi films fail to find audiences in theatres, Akshay , who is known to finish the shoot in the shortest possible time, highlights that every film writer should be financially sound before investing in the salary. other.

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An interview with The Times of India

When asked about his opinion on the need for actors to take a pay cut and whether he would ever do so, Akshay said that ‘the monetary aspect of cinema should be targeted at the writer of the film first’, he said. Calling the most important person on the project. The actor said the dialogues and script of the film are the most important aspect of it, admitting that writers are still not given their due importance in the industry. He said that after the writers, the most important people in the film crew are the directors, technicians and finally the actors.”

will be seen in raksha bandhan

Akshay has failed to do well at the box office since his last two releases, Samrat Prithviraj and Bachchan Pandey. After the debacle of Emperor Prithviraj, it was estimated that the actor who does 3-4 films a year, lacked commitment towards each project. Refuting such claims, Akshay said that he is committed to finish a film on time, which leads to the least financial burden. He said that people are upset with the lack of big box office numbers and believes that things need to change. He said that he has been asked to work less during his career, especially in his early days. “People used to ask me why I work on four films in a year. He has always told me to slow down and reduce the number of films I work in or produce.”

Akshay said that Aanand L Rai told him

The actor also credits himself for bringing about a change in the work environment in Bollywood. Talking about his working style, he said that he takes maximum number of holidays for any person in the film industry. He does not work on Sundays, and works only half a day on Saturdays. Akshay said that Aanand L Rai told him that his work culture has changed the director’s perception of working. “I spend only 8 hours a day on film sets, but I don’t spend even a minute in the vanity van out of those 8 hours. I always stand on the floor of film sets. My 8 hours are equal to 14-15 hours of any other star. That is my commitment towards films.”

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