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Ajaz Patel who took 14 Wickets in The Match did not Become the Player of the Match

Ajaz Patel, who created history by taking all ten wickets in a single innings in the Mumbai Test, has not got the player of the match. Now the anger of the fans has erupted regarding this and it has given rise to a new debate.

Ajaz Patel created big history in Test cricket

New Zealand’s left-arm spinner Ajaz Patel created a big history in Test cricket on Saturday. He became the third bowler after England’s Jim Laker and India’s Anil Kumble to take all 10 wickets in a Test inning. He took 10 wickets in the first innings of the second test match against India being played in Mumbai. The 33-year-old spinner made this record by giving 119 runs in 47.5 overs.

Mayank Agarwal got the Player of the Match title

Mumbai-born Ajaz Patel took all ten wickets in the first innings against India (a total of 14 wickets in the match), making him only the third bowler in Test history to do so. But despite such a huge history, Ajaz Patel was not selected as the player of the match, and Mayank Agarwal, who was batting brilliantly in the match, got the player of the match title.

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Anil Kumble also praised Ajaz Patel

Mumbai-born Ajaz’s feat of taking 10 wickets in a Test innings is being praised on social media. Former cricketers are also praising Ajaz. At the same time, after Ajaz’s Perfect 10, Anil Kumble has also praised the Kiwi spinner. He wrote on Twitter, ‘Welcome to the Ajaz Patel club (10 wicket-takers). ‘Perfect 10’, great bowling. To do this on the first and second day of a Test match is a very special achievement.

‘I was lucky to achieve this in Mumbai’

Ajaz Patel, after achieving a huge milestone at his birthplace, said, “To be honest, it is like a dream and it is very special to achieve this feat in my career. It was only in my luck that I achieved this feat in Mumbai itself. He said, ‘It is a very special occasion for me, not only for me but also for my family. It is my misfortune that he is not here with me due to COVID-19. Also, I join Kumble sir in this stupendous achievement.

Mayank Agarwal batted well in both innings.

Despite this, Mayank Agarwal has adjudged the player of the match for scoring 150 runs in the first innings, 62 runs in the second innings. Fans are furious over this decision. Many people have raised this issue on social media as well as many former cricketers have also raised questions on such a decision.

Many people on social media said that Ajaz Patel should have got the player of the match. One user wrote that even though New Zealand’s team has lost, but he has taken ten wickets in the innings, give this award to him.

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