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Air India Today Tata Will Get the Command of Air India

Air India To TATA: Air India flights will not fly under the Tata group banner from Thursday. It is worth noting that after taking the airline from the group about 69 years ago, it is now being handed over to the Tata group again.

Air India took its first steps

After the Central Government handed over the airline Air India to the Tata Group on Thursday, it is going to make some changes in its flights operating from Thursday itself. She will be the first of them to start giving good breakfast. The Tata group has taken its first step in Air India by introducing ‘advanced meal service’ on four flights operating from Mumbai on Thursday, private company officials said on Wednesday.

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The bid made for 18000 crores

The government sold Air India to Tales Pvt Ltd on October 8 for Rs 18,000 crore after a competitive bidding process. It is a subsidiary of the holding company of the Tata Group. Officials said on Wednesday that all the formalities are nearing completion. Air India is likely to be hand over to the group on Thursday.

Ratan Tata’s voice record will heard on all flights

According to an Air India official, now Ratan Tata’s voice record will be heard in all Air India flights. Punctuality is the new management’s top priority and therefore doors will close 10 minutes prior to departure. In October 2021, Tata Group bought a 100 percent stake in Air India for 18000 crores. This bid made by Tata Sons’ subsidiary company Tales Private Limited.

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