Aiden Ross claims Kik pays him enough to stream full-time on the platform

Twitch star Aiden Ross went live on his channel on February 16 to host a short Livestream. Addressing his community, he claimed that the TrainwreckStav-backed platform, Kik, was not paying him enough to pursue a full-time streaming career on the platform.

in ross’s hilarious tweets

Aidan Ross praised the platform for sending out hilarious tweets. However, he then insisted that he would “need more money” if he were to turn Kik full-time. The Florida native added: The discussion began at the 22-minute mark of his February 16 broadcast, when he confirmed he was not “100%” transitioning to Kik:

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The 22-year-old content creator tweeted

“But talk on, I’m gonna be honest, bro. Next time, when I’m live on this s**t, I wanna; what’s (this), Kick, where I’m streaming. I’m a No way, 100% kick going, bro.” The 22-year-old content creator appreciated Kik for tweeting. However, he claimed that he was not paid enough to become a full-time streamer on the platform:

the tweets are really funny, i won’t lie

“Like, they tweet at me and shit. Actually, w kick because their tweets are really funny, I won’t lie. It’s like that little humor, like, it’s funny. But I want more Money! I need more money. You guys aren’t paying me enough to work full-time. It’s true!”

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