AI turned Breaking Bad into An Anime And it Terrifying

These days it seems that there is nothing that AI programs cannot do. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, deep fakes have created digital “face-offs” with Hollywood celebrities in movies and TV shows, VFX artists can deduce actors almost instantly, and ChatGPT can write big-budget screenplays in the blink of an eye. Have learned one eye. Pretty soon, AI will probably decide who wins at the Oscars.

A clip post with AI-generated images

Within the past year, AI used to generate beautiful works of art in seconds, spawning a viral new trend and a boon for fan artists everywhere. TikTok user @cyborgism recently took the internet by storm by posting a clip containing several AI-generated images from Breaking Bad. The theme here is that the characters are depicted as anime characters from the 1980s, and the result is stark to say the least. Depending on your point of view, Breaking Bad AI (my informal name for it) shows how technology can either threaten the integrity of original works of art or nurture artistic expression.

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Metro Boomin’ Rap Remix Of Monologue

Playing off Metro Boomin’s rap remix of the famous “I’m the One Who Knocked” monologue, the video features images of the cast that range from stunningly realistic to full-on exaggerated. The clip has garnered over 65,000 likes on TikTok alone, and many other users have shared their thoughts on the art. One user wrote, “Regardless of the implications for the entertainment industry, I can’t wait for AI to advanced enough to animate entire shows like this.”

Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Gus Fring from the live-action show

Despite the hype, the anime images in the video look a bit like Heisenberg’s “Blue Sky” after taking a few hits. To be fair, the digital art itself is pretty cool, especially considering the AI program. However, it’s troubling to see Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Gus Fring, and so many other iconic characters from the live-action show as anime drawings. Usually, when this happens, it’s the other way around.

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