Ahead of Bad Boys 4 with Will Smith, Martin Lawrence is joining another new Prince vet for a brand new TV show

2022 is going to be a pretty solid year for Martin Lawrence and his fanbase, as the actor not only has a serial killer thriller opposite John Malkovich on the way, but he also took part in the previously thought-impossible Martin sitcom reunion. With former co-star Tisha Campbell. Now, even after a possible break with Bad Boys 4 reportedly due to Will Smith’s Oscar slap controversy, there’s a unique new TV series titled Demascus with one of Lawrence Smith’s former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-stars. will be involved.

A Sci-Fi Series With Comedy Bent

As created by playwright Terrence Arwell Chisholm, Damascus a sci-fi series with a comedy bent, which is fairly new territory for Lawrence, even if it won’t be the live-action Jetsons or anything. The story centers on a 33-year-old black man (portrayed by Hamilton vet and former Station 19 star Okiriate Onaodowan), who uses a new technology that allows him to experience different iterations of his life, possibly in the sliding door style.

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Damascus itself an interesting path of self-discovery

With a coming-of-age story that will embrace multiple genres as it digs into not only the main character’s sense of identity, but that of other black men as well. The character of Martin Lawrence likely holds heavily in that idea, as Deadline reports that he is playing a recurring role in portraying the gaudy Uncle Forty. Despite his ill health, which has clearly taken its toll, Uncle Forty sees himself as the head of the family, even though no one else totally buys that idea.

Martin Lawrence will join earlier cast Janet Hubert

O.G. In the opening season of Aunt Viv the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opposite Will Smith and others. Because of the turmoil, and because of that, leaving the show highlighted and somewhat resolved when she and Smith chatted for HBO Max’s Fresh Prince reunion special, and the two actors are now on good terms. (To the point where she was “so proud” of him after slapping Chris Rock over that GI Gen 2 joke.

Will Smith shares silly and embarrassing set stories about

In any case, Lawrence and Hubert expected to spend some time together sharing silly and embarrassing set stories about Will Smith that they can joke about in later interviews. If there was an upcoming show on TV that was more ripe for a Smith cameo, I don’t know what it is. (One might say Bel-Air, but no.

Breaking Bad executive producer Mark Johnson

Damascus is being set for its linear TV channel and its AMC+ streaming platform as a six-episode limited series through AMC Studios. It followed back in February with a straight-to-series order, with Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad executive producer Mark Johnson as a lead exec behind the scenes. Tierence Arwell Chisholm and Kirk Moore (13 Reasons Why, American Crime) will take on co-showrunner duties.

The only other major series role in the filmography of the comedian

Martin Lawrence made his TV debut in What’s Happening Now! With, and was one of the few black entertainers in the early 1990s to have earned a TV show of his own, the only other major series role in the comedian’s filmography is for the single-season crime drama Partner with Kelsey Grammer. . He is clearly far more prolific as a movie star, as his TV roles are comparable to the number of Bad Boys movies released to date. In October 2021 there were reports that Lawrence was set to lead a new series about a father of five children chasing his dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian, but it is unclear when the Topic Studios project development process took place. Where is in

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