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After the Victory Virat Kohli Hushed Up for the Tour of South Africa

Indian team has won the test series against New Zealand. India also took the series 1-0, registering a 372-run win in the Mumbai Test match. The next mission of the Indian team is now the tour of South Africa. Where a series of 3 test matches is also to be held. The Indian team is ready for this series.

After defeating New Zealand, there is a ruckus for the tour of South Africa

Virat Kohli said after defeating New Zealand, “Coming back with a win again, it’s a great feeling and a clinical performance. You want the players to step up and take charge. The first Test was good and it was a diagnostic of the team.” There was a performance. We discussed the performance of Kanpur. Where the opposition played a good draw. The bowlers tried their best. But the Kiwi batsmen played well in Kanpur.”

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South Africa is a challenge – Virat

Regarding Mumbai’s Wankhede pitch, he said, “There was more bounce here and if the fast bowlers also helped, then it gave us a better chance of winning the Test match. Even with the new management, the mindset of taking Indian cricket forward is the same. Indian It’s important to uphold the standards of cricket and make sure it keeps rising. South Africa is a good challenge.”

Virat Kohli said about the South Africa tour

He further said about the South Africa tour, “The last time we made this team in England and South Africa and Australia was a collection of all that experience. South Africa is a tough challenge and a win. Want to achieve. Hopefully, we can play in South Africa the way we know we can play and win the series.”

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