After The Disappointment Of Dancing With The Stars

Suzanne Jackson finally has her word after the Dancing With the Stars finale. After taking a break from social media after Sunday’s show, fans were starting to worry about the influencer.

Glitterball missed out on the trophy

Suzanne, who was the favorite to win the show, missed out on the Glitterball trophy. 2FM’s Karl Mullan was crowned instead, much to the delight of the audience. Susan congratulated Karl and his colleague Emily Barker on her Instagram this morning. Sussanne said she is taking a break from social media so that she can enjoy some much-needed rest after her time on the show.

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My body just crashed

“Hello everyone, I’m alive. People have been texting me asking if everything is okay. I was absolutely exhausted yesterday. My body just crashed. Suzanne said she got a call to do nothing after the finale.” need of the day. He also praised everyone else. Dancing with the stars crew is what made this experience so special for him.

About Your Experience on Dancing With the Stars

She told her followers that she put her phone on silent and took a breather from social media. “I just wanted to give a huge congrats to Karl and Emily. Karl is so sweet, so funny, and Emily is a super teacher.” Regarding her experience on Dancing With the Stars, Susan said she would have loved to win.

Suzanne shared

Appreciation to everyone including me and Michael. Obviously, everyone wanted to lift the trophy but like I already said, I learned a lot about myself. I was on an amazing journey. It was the best experience I’ve ever had,” Suzanne shared.

During his time on the show

“I jumped at it with both hands. I’m so grateful I went for it,” the influencer continued. She also said that she “has won in many other ways”. During her time on the show, Susan was linked with pro-dancer Michael Daniljuk. She said she would miss him dearly, but said they would remain friends for life.

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