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After Divorce From Her Husband The Woman Married Her Own Dog

After a divorce from her husband, a woman married her female dog. The woman is very happy with her new life partner. She says that her dog makes her happier than her first husband. Now she has become an important part of his life.

A woman living in Croatia made a dog as her life partner

A woman living in Croatia got married for the second time after divorce from her spouse. But this time not from any human but from his female dog. About 200 people took part in this pompous wedding. 47-year-old Amanda Razors says He is very happy with this marriage. At the same time, he told that whatever he wants in a life partner, he has got it in Sheba (female dog).

‘Loves more than husband’

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, Amanda Razors remained single for several months after the divorce. Now he is very happy with his new partner Sheba. Razor says that Sheba makes him happier than her first husband. He married his dog with full customs. Kissing him considered him as his partner. Amanda Razors said, ‘She is an important part of my life. She makes me laugh, keeps me happy, and gives me support when I am upset.

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self-made wedding dress

Amanda Razors says that | Since childhood, she wanted to see herself in the dress of a bride. To fulfill her dream for the second time, she herself designed the bride’s dress. Expressing happiness over his decision, he said. Marrying Sheba is a very happy feeling. She never bothers me, takes great care of me. In a TV show, Amanda told that she had fallen in love with her dog since she was two months old. At the same time, he was convinced that one day they would definitely become one.

excited about new relationship

During the TV show, when people asked Amanda how did the idea of ​​marrying her come after raising a dog? So he said that there are many types of love. But the relationship between me and Sheba is very deep and they are very curious about their new relationship. At the same time, they hope that this relationship will deepen with time.

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