Afsana Khan Was Not Ready To Leave The House Even After Being Told By Bigg Boss

This week, Punjabi singer Afsana Khan created a ruckus in the Bigg Boss house. He even picked up the knife kept in the kitchen to harm himself, after which he was thrown out of the house.

punjabi singer afsana khan

Colors TV’s most controversial show Bigg Boss saw a tremendous fight this week. Afsana Khan became out of control after being deceived by her friends Karan Kundra Tejashwi Prakash and Umar Riaz. He vandalized the house fiercely and tried to harm himself, after which Bigg Boss took strong action and ordered him to leave the house. But Afsana did not even listen to him, after which the makers took him out of the house by sending more members of the crew team.

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Afsana created a ruckus in the house

In fact, in the VIP zone task at home, Umar Riaz gave a VIP ticket to Vishal Kotian instead of Afsana, after which Afsana was shocked. Afsana also accused Rajiv Adatia of molesting her. He said that when she was going towards the washroom, he also followed her and tried to touch her inappropriately. Afsana used lewd words in the show. Jai Bhanushali and Prateek Sahajpal tried to convince them but they did not listen to anyone. Here Rajiv also continued to deny his allegations.

an attempt to harm oneself

There was a turning point in this episode when Umar was partial to Afsana. Shamita cleverly tried to get Afsana out of the game. After this, Afsana started killing herself while threatening Shamita. Afsana, who was screaming loudly, also tried to harm herself with a knife in her hand. However, Umar caught him and tried to get the knife out of his hand. Afsana was sent out of Bigg Bos’s house due to her panic attack and her attitude.

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