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Afghanistan The Situation Is Deteriorating Due to Lack Of Money

The birth of girls in Afghanistan is becoming the biggest threat to them. The families here are offering their few days old daughters for marriage so that they can get money.

Afghanistan’s situation worsening due to money crunch

With the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the future of women and girls has gone into deep darkness. No one can deny this. Now shocking news has come out from here. The situation in Afghanistan has become so bad that 20-day-old girls are being offered marriage. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) told that there are such ‘credible reports’. This reveals In lieu of taking money in dowry, girls of a few days are being offered to get married in the future.

Afghans facing food and medicine after Taliban came to power

Ever since the Taliban occupied Afghanistan. Many restrictions imposed on the common people. The situation in Afghanistan is only getting worse under the Taliban. According to a news published in the Hindi newspaper NBT, the Afghans, who are facing drought and money crunch, have now become obsessed with grains. The Afghans, who are facing a shortage of food, are not only suffering from a lack of food, but now they are also facing the crisis of medicines.

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The number of poor population in the country increased

Henrietta Fore said, ‘We have received such credible reports. Families are offering their daughters up to 20 days old for future marriage in exchange for a dowry. Amidst the coronavirus epidemic, a humanitarian crisis has arisen in the country. Winters are also near. He says, ‘In the year 2020, half of the population of Afghanistan was already poor. People do not even have clean water and nutritious food. But now due to poor economic conditions, more people are going into deep poverty. Due to this, they have to adopt other avenues for money. People are making children work. Getting girls married at a young age.

Taliban bans education

The Taliban has banned the education of girls. Due to which the situation has become more dangerous. Fore says. Education is often the best protection against negative mechanisms such as child marriage and child labor.’ He said child marriage ‘can lead to life-long suffering.’ UNICEF said girls who marry before the age of 18. less likely to attend school and more likely to experience domestic violence, discrimination, abuse, and poor mental health. She gets pregnant at a young age. Girls’ lives are put at risk due to complications of childbirth. UNICEF has launched a cash assistance program aimed at addressing the risks of hunger, child labor, and child marriage, but fears these measures will not be enough.

5 lakh people can migrate from Afghanistan

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR estimates that some half a million people could flee Afghanistan if the situation worsens in the coming months. The UNHCR says the situation in Afghanistan “remains uncertain and may change rapidly” since its capture by the Taliban last week.

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