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AEW Rampage Results Jeff Cobb Beat Cash Wheeler in Epic Main Event Clash

This Sunday AEW x NJPW will leave without tag team gold at the Forbidden Doors without FTR or either Jeff Cobb and the Great-O-Khan. It will be a triple threat winner who takes all the matches. In which the ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championships are on the line. In Roppongi Vice is the third team. Ahead of that, Cash Wheeler and Jeff Cobb will get in on the singles action tonight. Both men are 0-1 in singles matches within AEW. But tonight someone will break his solo record as well. Cobb is a more experienced singles wrestler, however, going deeper in the 2021 G1 climax – while Wheeler is more of a tag team specialist.

Jeff Cobb threw the cash wheeler like a kid

Wheeler was absolutely big in this match. But a quick headlock will take hold. Cobb would have simply picked him up and sent him off before walking shoulder to shoulder. Wheeler stepped into the establishment of the German Suplex. But Cobb couldn’t find it.

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Cobb will get a headlock. And Wheeler tried to block in the drop toehold, but Cobb knocked him dead in his tracks. Matt will take the return wheeler down before it goes back into the headlock. The dropkick will stun Cobb. But a flapjack over the top rope would follow. The spin-cycle would send the suplex wheeler to fly before rolling to the floor.

Cobb would kneel on the floor, before driving Wheeler back into the first ring post. Wheeler shoots back with some chops before hitting it again in the ring post. Some double ax handles to keep the wheeler on the mat in the ring. Before he hit a standing moonsault press for a two count.

the united kingdom stands tall tonight

Wheeler would be tossed into the ring with a suplex before being taken to Canada’s backbreaker. Cobb would lose control, and Wheeler would apply a sleeper hold. He failed to break free by crushing Wheeler in the corner but was unable to obtain submission.

There will be some heavy attacks before Wheeler smashes the chopping block and running elbow. Cobb is sent to the floor. And Wheeler eventually hit him by diving to the floor. Some mounted punches would fire for a two count before powerbombing in the ring.

Wheeler after blocking DDT

Cobb will look for another moon but will miss it. That would put Wheeler aside after intercepting a tornado DDT. The tour of the islands was counted in a small package for two before Wheeler was capped off with a German suplex. The Tour of the Islands landed, and Cobb got the win!

FTR, Best Friends, and United Empire Protest

After the match, FTR, Best Friends, and United Empire protested – and Eddie Kingston also rushed to attack Chris Jericho. Kingston will stab Jericho with a pen. And fans wanted more.

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