A&E Biography of WWE Legends Brie and Nikki Bella

Wrestlers Brie and Nikki Bella were featured in an A&E TV special titled Biography, WWE Legends. The twins opened up about their upbringing and how they went on to become one of the top wrestlers in the franchise. Here are some of the emotional revelations he made.

Bree says uring A&E special

The Bella twins say their parents were 19 when they were born. Brie describes it as “a child raising children”. She says she felt like she had to “walk on eggshells” around her father. Because he was angry and gets angry easily. She says that her father was a drug user. According to him, he used to get so angry sometimes that he would black out. “It was really hard to live with,” says Brie during an A&E special. Brie learned the power of “feminine energy” while waitressing at a restaurant. “Female energy is the most powerful energy you can ever use,” Brie says.

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Nikki says there was a lot of partying and anger in their house

Nikki says that there was a lot of partying and anger in their house. She also says that discipline was “above what discipline should be.” According to him, he and his sister believed that the conflict should be handled aggressively. We were taught to fight at an early age,” says Nikki. “We were told that we yell at each other, because we love each other.” His brother, JJ Garcia, describes his upbringing as “wild” and “amplified”. After graduating from high school, Brie and Nikki moved to San Diego. She needed a full-time job, so she decided to work as a waitress at Hooters.

Nikki and Brie both felt they needed a change

Brie says there were good times too. Both her parents were athletes when they were growing up, and she says that she and her siblings had natural athletic abilities. She says her parents were “obsessed” for their children to become athletes, so they encouraged them to pursue athletics. Brie and Bella were active in football as children and teenagers. Also, around this time, Brie suffered a major loss. Her boyfriend, Bear, was killed in a car wreck.

Nikki Bella was raped in high school

Nikki had a difficult time in high school as she experienced sexual harassment. She describes being raped at a 4th of July party at the age of 15. She says that she was a virgin at the time, and that she blamed herself for the attack.“I was raped the first time in high school, everything was new and taken from me,” Nikki says. “My virginity was taken away from me; My innocence was taken away from me.

Nikki Bella’s sports dreams were crushed

Nikki’s dream was to become a professional football player, but her dream was shattered after she suffered a serious leg injury. She says that her scholarship was off the table and she could not go to college. Nikki got a second chance to advance in football, but decided to go a different path. Brie says she learned a lot while working at Hooters. “Sometimes women are taught to hide our feminine energy,” she says. “We’re taught not to use our voices. Let everyone else do the talking—be polite. Hooters taught me not to be polite; to actually talk. It really made me start to blossom as this young woman.” done.

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