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Advisor Hayden Credits Team Virat for Pakistan Good Performance

Before the second semi-final to be play at the Dubai International Stadium in the T20 World Cup today, Matthew Hayden, the consultant of the Pakistan team, has given the reason for the consistent performance of the Pakistan team. Pakistan was the only team in the World Cup, which has not lost a single match so far. From the first match against India, his car came out in such a way that it is going to run. On the same performance, Matthew Hayden said that the ten-wicket win against arch-rivals India laid the foundation for Pakistan’s good performance.

Pakistan is consider to a be strong contender for the title

Pakistan has won all its five group matches and is considered to be a strong contender for the title. Hayden, who was appointed Pakistan’s batting consultant for this tournament, praised captain Babar Azam for showing excellent spirit and control under extreme pressure. Hayden told reporters at a pre-match press conference, “The highlight of this campaign was the first match against India in Dubai, where we will play the semi-finals. It can be compar only with the Ashes series. The attitude and confidence of these players to play such a big match was fantastic.

Guide Hayden Inside Pakistan Team

I think that match laid the foundation for four weeks of solid work, commitment to training. Also, there is a heartfelt relationship with Islam and how spirituality played a role in guiding and uniting all within the Pakistan team. Strategically, Hayden will face a challenge from his former teammate Justin Langer, who is Australia’s head coach, on Thursday. Hayden believes that Pakistan will benefit from his understanding of Australian players and cricketing culture.

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Babar said he Learned from Virat Kohli

Hayden praised Babar fiercely and said that his personality is completely opposite to that of India’s Virat Kohli. Who is the contemporary great player of the game? He said, ‘Babur and his personality are such that you will get what you see. There is continuity in it. He is quite stable. I would say that his personality is completely opposite to that of a player like Virat Kohli. Who is very passionate, expressive, and very passionate in the field.

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