Adidas Bbans Sports Bra Ad For Being Too Obvious

Adidas has defended a sports bra ad intended to celebrate diversity but banned by the Advertising Standards Agency for being ‘too explicit.

25 Pairs Showing Bare Breasts ‘Bold’

While many praised the sportswear company for its ‘bold’ billboard showing 25 pairs of bare breasts, others apparently weren’t too happy with the campaign’s push for body positivity.

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Promoting the latest addition to its sports bra range, the ad read: “We believe that women’s breasts of all shapes and sizes deserve the support and comfort.”

Order to stop using advertisements for sports bras

Adidas ordered to stop using ads for sports bras that featured more than 60 photos of women’s nipples on the grounds that it “objectizes women.” ” and “unnecessarily sexual.”

ad dubbing as nudity

The sportswear brand intended to “depict diversity” through physical representation and speak out against the censoring of female nipples, something others thought a crime. Dubbing the campaign as “unnecessary” nudity, the ad placed on those platforms. Banned from posting images where children could see them

One of three posters associated with the campaign

Even with one of three posters attached to the campaign, Pixilate Nipples—along with a strong and inclusive message of promoting body positivity for women of all different shapes and sizes— The ASA has since declared that the images can still be viewed as sexual.

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