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Actor Siddharth Apologizes For Objectionable Tweet on Saina Nehwal

‘Rang De Basanti’ fame actor Siddharth (Siddharth), who made objectionable remarks on Indian badminton star Saina Nehwal, changed his tone and he apologized by writing a long post on social media. Actually, Saina had written a post regarding the lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab. Reacting to this, Siddharth made an objectionable tweet. Since this tweet, Siddharth was facing all-around criticism.

Siddharth apologizes to Saina Nehwal in apology

In the apology, Siddharth wrote, “Dear Saina, I want to apologize to you for my rude joke, which I wrote a few days ago as a reply to one of your tweets. I can disagree with you. When I read your tweet, my frustration or anger my tone and words could not express my feelings. I know I am kinder than him.” Siddharth wrote … some joke needs to be explained. But it was not a good joke. I’m sorry for this joke.” There was no malicious intent and he respects women.

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Saina you will always be my champion: Siddharth

Siddharth further wrote, “I did not have any malicious intent to joke that so many people from all walks of life have held me responsible for this. I have always been a supporter of feminism. As a woman, I had no intention of taking a dig at you. I hope that we will forget this and move on and you will accept this letter of mine. You will always be my champion.”

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Siddharth made objectionable remarks on Saina’s tweet

Last week, Saina Nehwal made a tweet about the security lapse in Punjab Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this, he wrote – No country can claim to be safe. If only the security of the Prime Minister is compromised. I condemn it in the strongest terms. Siddharth had made lewd and objectionable remarks on this tweet of his. Saina Nehwal herself had reacted to that controversial post of Siddharth. He said I don’t know what he meant.

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