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Accused Arrested For Selling 130 Women From Afghanistan

A man has been arrested in Afghanistan for selling 130 women. He used to target poor women and bring them to other provinces and sell them.

Woman arrested for trafficking women in Afghanistan

With the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan, this country has become a hell for women. Shocking news has come from the northern part of the country. Here a man cheated 130 women and sold them. After which the Taliban have reportedly arrested him. Taliban officials told on Tuesday. The accused used to promise to get the women married by luring them out of poverty.

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Taliban Provincial Police Chief Damullah Seraj told

The accused was arrested on Monday from North Jozhan province. He said, ‘We are still in the initial stage of our investigation. We hope to get more information related to the case later.’ At the same time, Mohammad Sardar Mubariz, District Police Chief of Johan told the AFP news agency. The accused used to target poor women. He promised them that he would lift them out of poverty.

women sold in other provinces

According to the information, the accused man used to tell women. Will get them married to rich men. Then they (women) were brought to other provinces and sold. He has smuggled around 130 women in this manner so far. Crime, nepotism, and corruption are not new in Afghanistan. But rising poverty is weakening the demand for recognition of the Taliban government. Since returning to power three months ago, the Taliban have been trying to prevent robberies and kidnappings in major cities.

passport office closed

Earlier, the Taliban’s Interior Ministry said on Tuesday. 60 people, including members of the Passport Department, have been arrested for forging documents to obtain passports. The ministry said it was temporarily closing the passport office in Kabul for this reason. When will it be opened again? Nothing has been told in this regard yet. The Taliban had earlier announced the issuance of passports in seven provinces.

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