According To Reddit These Are The 5 Movies That Get Unfair Criticism.

The announcement that the Indiana Jones 5 trailer could shown at the upcoming D23 Expo has given fans a lot of excitement. The latest film has had more than its fair share of problems, and it still faces intense criticism that will undoubtedly lead to its directorial debut once made available to the public. Fans are already torn over the issue of the upcoming sequel; Some of them believe that it is pointless and is guaranteed to fail.

Fans on the issue of the sequel

One thing that can relied upon, regardless of the enthusiasm after a particular picture released, is that people will actually have different perspectives. For some people, some movies are instant classics, while others may find those same movies to be terrifying. Redditors have shared their opinions about which movies they critique unfairly, despite the fact that some of these sentiments may be valid.

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A New Version of the Indiana Jones Franchise

Nineteen years after the finale of the previous film in the series, Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg reunited for a new version of the Indiana Jones franchise. Reddit user pandalorian defended the film, saying, “Certainly the movie didn’t turn out as good as any of the original three, but I still thought it was cool and it still felt like an indie movie. ..” Despite the fact that the film failed to win fans, the Pandalorian is still a supporter of the franchise.

Indiana Jones Exposed

Some people who are fans of the Indiana Jones franchise refuse to believe that Crystal Skull is a valid entry because of how polarizing it is. There is no doubt that it has managed to maintain a certain number of followers, despite the fact that it did not achieve the same amount of success as the three films that came before it. Crystal Skull has several sections that still highlight classic Indiana Jones, so critics who haven’t seen the film should probably give it another chance.

Waterworld 1995

At the time of release, this epic starring Kevin Costner the most expensive film ever made. The crowd drawn in for an immersive experience considering the $175 million price tag. The post-apocalyptic survival story was unfortunately a disappointing failure. Years mocked, until a user named Death Pheasant on Reddit voted the film down for undue hatred after posting the following: “I’m not afraid to say this. water World.”

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