About the Rare Beauty Inclusive Packaging Convenience by Selena Gomez

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2020. The Allure Best of Beauty-winning brand dedicates itself to “shattering unrealistic standards of perfection.” Which is an important message in the growing world of social media.

The universal appeal of rare beauty

Part of Rare Beauty’s universal appeal is its inclusivity. We see this in the extensive shade range, media campaigns, and more. However, many makeup brands do not take physical ability into account when designing products. At Rare Beauty, ease of use is a top priority. While the packaging wasn’t exactly made for people with dexterity issues. It luckily makes their makeup routine easier. It’s a win in our book.

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Is Rare Beauty disabled-friendly?

On Rare Beauty’s base products, liquid highlighters, and blushes, you’ll notice the sphere above the applicator. This simple addition makes it easy for people with disabilities to open and apply the product. Likewise, the packaging for most of their other products has unique shapes to help with the grip. Their lipsticks and lip balms have a flat side so they don’t roll off a vanity.

The brand said in its FAQ

“Each Rare Beauty product was designed for Selena’s personal preferences. With an emphasis on ease of use,” the brand said in its FAQ. “Though we’re thrilled to hear that some with dexterity challenges have people think. That design helps them to open and use our products more easily. We haven’t officially tested the packaging for these claims.

How does the packaging of products help?

As the founder and president of Rare Beauty, Gomez works with her team to build and curate the brand. Because she has lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects the joints and other organs. Flare-ups and medication can affect his mobility. People with joint and muscle weakness have limitations in the everyday activities they can do on their own, so any small adjustments can make all the difference.

Said TikTok user @lifewithshortarms

TikTok user @lifewithshortarms said, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought makeup, brought it home, and then couldn’t open it.” So when I bought this, I was like, ‘Oh, wow! Look at this little hoop thing over here, cool!’ And my little hand with no strength. was able to turn it around. Earlier this year, when Gomez posted a TikTok detailing her nighttime skin-care routine, fans watched her hands shake as she applied the product to a cotton ball.

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