Abhijit Bichukley Asked Riteish To Say Mercenary Husband

Entry in Bigg Boss 15 (BIGG BOSS 15) and since then he is constantly headlines. They are known to give strange statements in the show. Rakhi says that Rakhi Sawant has brought her husband. But it got upside down. Rakhi says that Rakhi Sawant has brought her husband. But it got upside down. Later, speaking sorry, he said something about the show in front of the Big Boss.

Abhijit Bichukale Entry in (Big Boss 15)

Bigg Boss Marathi has been participating. Avijeet Bichukale (Abhijeet Bichukale) entry in Bigg Boss 15 (Bigg Boss 15) and since then he is constantly headlines. He remains in the discussion by speaking strange things in the show. But, taking a joke in the show on Tuesday night, he became so heavy that he had to apologize. Actually, during a fun gossip session, Abhijit was doing to host Big Boss like Salman Khan. They had to say something about every contact.

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Abhijit Said About Rakhi Sawant

Regarding Rakhi, Abhijit said that Rakhi Sawant has brought her husband. But their statement was reversed. Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh became annoyed after, after listening to Riteish, Rakhi Sawant was born. He was afraid of Abhijit’s next morning in the house. Rakhi Sawant not only shouted in the house but rather anger on the spot and scolded in a high voice. During annoying, he said to Abhijit to ‘you have a pony’. At the same time, he was speaking again and again how he can speak. Rakhi Sawant also threw Abhijit’s suitcases and chairs in the house and was seen subversion.

Rakhi Dragged His Hair in Anger And Shouting

However, Abhijit explained to him that he was just joking. He also said that Something like Salman Khan had also said. After this Rakhi pulled his hair in anger and shouting. After this Rashmi took a front to fix things. He tried to fix the situation and asked Abhijit how he will feel when someone will say that Abhijit has brought a wife on mercenary. Abhijit also apologized to Rakhi by assuming his mistake.

What is The Case

In fact, during a fun conversation at home, Abhijit copied Salman Khan (Salman Khan) and acted as a host of ‘Big Boss’. He was seeing some advice to the competitors, in which he said that Rakhi Sawant has hired Ritesh as his husband. ‘The husband of Rakhi Harad has brought.’ When this mistake happened to them, Riteish gave an issue to Rakhi anger and disappointment. Raising the statement of Abhijit, the actress shouted and expressed his anger on it. Shouting at him, Rakhi said, “You have a pony of mercenary, and asked further how it can claim such a claim.

Abhijit Clarified That he Was Just Joking

Rakhi was not only screamed in the house but also threw Abhijit’s goods and chair in anger. Meanwhile, Abhijit, who gave a disputed statement, clarified that he was just joking. Said that Salman also said something like that. This rakhi flared and he pulled his hair and screamed. In a while, Rashmi Desai tried to solve things. Rashmi asked Abhijit that if someone says that he has hired his wife, then how would he feel?

Abhijit Got a Mistake

Now after the big Tamasha and Barwal, Abhijit has realized his mistake. He apologized to Rakhi to give such a statement about his husband Ritesh. However, later he complained to ‘Big Boss’ that everyone in the house keeps acting and said that this show is not a reality show. ‘This is not a reality show. This allows acting. ‘

Abhijit is Coming up on The Spot

Abhijit was also seen complaining to the Big Boss of Members of the house. He said that acting in all the house is seen. He was repeatedly saying that this is not a reality show.He said, ‘This is not a reality show. Here’s all acting moving. ‘What does Rakhi Sawant now do it now? At the same time, Abhijit is coming to the target continuously. On the last week, he and Shamita Shetty had a lot of fight against ‘feet of feet’.

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