Aashka Goradia Went Topless On The Beach

Actress Aashka Goradia has been away from the TV industry for some time now, but she remains in the headlines for her boldness on social media. Aashka often posts pictures and videos of her yoga. Along with this, she also gives fitness tips to her fans, but sometimes she has to face trolling for bold photos. Now Aashka (Aashka Goradia) has given a strong message for the haters by sharing a bold photo of her.

Aashka went topless on the beach

Aashka Goradia has shared a photo on Instagram account, in which she is seen doing yoga. It can be seen in the photo that Aashka’s head is down and her feet are up. #OneLove is written on his back. Posting the picture from the back side, Aashka wrote in the caption, ‘It is quite funny how the people who know you the least talk about you the most. It’s quite ridiculous that they think you don’t know about it. My feet are on the sky and my head is on the ground, for the rest of my life. My back is strong so talkers, haters live their lives.

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Aashka remembers her tormenting husband

Aashka Goradia has also told in the caption that she is missing her husband a lot. He wrote in the caption, ‘Miss you B. come back soon’. Let us tell you that this picture of Aashka Goradia was taken during her vacation, which was taken by her husband Brent Goble. Brent Goble is currently in America.

Focusing on business away from TV

Significantly, Aashka has appeared in many TV shows, including ‘Kusum’, ‘Baalveer’, ‘Naagin’. He had said goodbye to the TV industry many years ago. Now Aashka is focusing on her cosmetic business. Aashka and her husband Brent have also opened a yoga school in Goa. Both are currently living in Goa as well.

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