A Women Championship is Coming to NJPW

A recent report has revealed that the stardom wrestlers will featured in the NJPW shows in America later. And at today’s Stardom 2022 strategy meeting, the creation of a new IWGP Women’s Championship announced. A series of tweets on Stardom’s official English-language account provided details about the new championship. Which is destined to defended all over the world.

Announced the creation of the IWGP Women’s Championship

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STARDOM and NJPW have announced the creation of the IWGP Women’s Championship, with the title holder being decided for the first time in NJPW x STARDOM on November 20.

Done at NJPW Events

Stardom’s English-language Twitter account announced the creation of the title. Although clarified that the belt will defended primarily at NJPW events. But it can defended even in big stardom shows.

The account noted that the IWGP title would not replace Stardom’s World of Stardom and Wonder of Stardom (Red and White Belt) as the top titles of that promotion.

NJPW shows start showing women’s matches

The IWGP women’s title builds on NJPW’s announcement earlier this month. that the company is tracking a “gender-less and more integrated” scene in Japan. In the United States, NJPW will begin showing women’s matches at the show. The company also announced earlier this month that there would “about two” mixed tag team matches at the combined NJPW x STARDOM show in November.

The main part of the famous SuperCard in early January

New Japan’s parent company, Bushirod bought Stardom in 2019. In which four of her best performers – Mayu Iwatani, Arisa Hoshiki, Giulia and the late Hana Kimura – appeared at the following January’s Wrestle Kingdom. Stardom-branded matches have since become a staple of the famous SuperCard in early January.

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