A steamy Suspenseful And Tragic Romantic Drama About Two Deep-sea Divers In A passionate Dangerous Relationship

There is a French word, l’appel du vide, which means ‘call of the void’. It is a phenomenon that has been studied and considered by neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists, and philosophers alike, and it is basically – at times, the most devastating, personally dangerous thing to do. Very attractive.

destructive, personally dangerous thing

Also called the ‘high-place phenomenon’ (with very little appeal), the landscape often used to describe it is of a person on the side of a mountain, terrifying below with a kind of yearning. One looks at the fall, or one driving at night looking at the rain, guard rails and middle obstacles with a kind of longing, wondering what it’s like to drive in them and the other way.

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steamy, enigmatic

The new Netflix film No Limit is a steamy, suspenseful and sad study of the void to which some of uscalled. The film follows the deep relationship between Pascal and Roxana, formerly a legendary deep-sea diver and later his new student, both of whom are psychologically tortured by a troubled past. Near the beginning of the film, a professor says, “Above, we have the land, the air, the sunlight. Below, the aquatic universe, the depth, the pressure. The deeper you sink into this world, the deeper it gets.” , more hostile,” and Roxana’s fervent fascination with it is the beginning of her call for nothingness.

Freud called the ‘death drive’

no limit, or sous emprées in French, meaning under the influence) begins beautifully and remains that way—it’s immediately clear that this film has some of the most visually appealing uses of water and underwater. We see Roxana (nicknamed Roxie) on the beach, aged 12, with a previously severed wrist scarred into her flesh, learning how to dive with her grandfather after his father took his own life. To put diving into the water becomes emotionally complex, what Freud would have called a ‘death drive’; On one level, it symbolizes Roxy’s floating freedom from the world, and on another it is intricately tied to (her father and herself) death.

An instant spark between Pascal and Roxy

When Roxana grows up, she stops seeing her doctor and takes diving lessons, drawing the attention of champion divers Pascal and Tom, a diving instructor and one of Pascal’s right-hand men. There an immediate spark between Pascal and Roxy, which ignited by some pretty fiery sex in a bathroom; Yes, No Limit is very sexist, but never in an exploitative way that is purely for the men’s eye.

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