A Case Has Been Registered Against Ranveer Under The Indian Penal Code i.e. IPC Section.

Ranveer Singh recently did a photoshoot for a magazine which has made the actor the ‘talk of the town’, beating all the issues. On the other hand, a case has also been registered against Ranveer in Mumbai by citing ‘hurt the sentiments of women’. The biggest question among all this is that how people talking about gender equality got hurt by nude pictures of a male actor, while there never seems to be anything like objection to such pictures of female actors. Rather, those pictures of him get included in the top search.

Ranveer Singh says this

Marry your leela, your mastani with your queen… Really became a hero, man! Expressing his love from the stage during an award show, when Ranveer Singh says that Deepika is the Laxmi of my house, my queen… then Ranveer, in that era, an ideal husband for women, an ideal boyfriend and Appears as an ideal friend. ‘Ranveer is best’ is everywhere on social media.

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shirtless ranveer in movies

, become the crush of girls… Ranveer becomes a style icon by wearing quirky clothes, but he hurts the sentiments of women when Ranveer gets a photoshoot done which is not like the first time in any way. let’s sit. An ‘ideal’ actor is immediately playing with emotions.

Indian Penal Code i.e. IPC section on Ranveer

Some nude pictures of Ranveer Singh floating amidst all the support and opposition on social media are the subject of discussion these days. But this is not the only thing, because of these pictures, Ranveer is accused of hurting the feelings of women and harming the dignity. Talking in legal terms, in this case Ranveer has been booked under Indian Penal Code i.e. Section 292, 293, 509 of IPC and Section 67(A) of Information Technology (IT) Act. In this, a section 67 (A) is a non-bailable section.

How did Ranveer adapt to the physicality he needed?

I don’t think he needed any major physical change from his side as he is almost always in shape. If you remember, Paper Magazine took pictures of Famous Kim Kardashian. He included me too. I have worked with them before. This was my first meeting with Ranveer.

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