A Banksy Painting Sprinkled In The Revival Of the West Bank

TEL AVIV, Israel – Long lost by British graffiti artist Banksy. The painting has re-emerged in a world away from the concrete wall in the occupied. West Bank, an hour’s drive into a swank art gallery in downtown Tel Aviv, where it initially spray-painted.

Transfer of painting depicting a slingshot-toing rat

The transfer of the painting – which depicts a slingshot-toting rat, likely intended to protest Israeli occupation. The performance of the pieces raises ethical questions about the different settings from where they created. The graffiti artwork spray-painted on a concrete block that part of an abandoned Israeli army position in Bethlehem. which was next to a rising concrete section of the separation barrier.

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It one of several works created in secret around 2007

The painting initially appeared near Israel’s secession barrier in the West Bank-occupied city of Bethlehem. He employed Banksy’s trademark absurd and dystopian imagery to protest Israel’s decades-long occupation of those territories. The future state the Palestinians want. It now resides in the Urban Gallery in the heart of Tel Aviv’s financial district, surrounded by glass and steel skyscrapers.

Israeli art dealer Kobi Eberzel said?

“This is the story of David and Goliath,” said Kobi Eberzel, an Israeli art dealer who bought the painting, without elaborating on the analogy. He said the gallery was only displaying the work, leaving its interpretation to others. The Associated Press could not independently verify the authenticity of the piece. But Abergel said cracks and scrapes in the concrete serve as “a fingerprint.” Which proves that it is the same piece that appears on the artist’s website.

70 km journey from West Bank to Tel Aviv

A 900-pound concrete slab had to pass through Israel’s serpentine barrier and at least one military post. Daily features of Palestinian life and the targets of Banksy’s biting satire. Abergel, who is a partner at Tel Aviv Gallery, said he bought the concrete slab from a Palestinian colleague in Bethlehem. He declined to disclose the amount paid or identify the seller, but insisted on the validity of the deal.

“RIP Bansky Rat” scattered on the block

After some time, the painting frescoed by someone who obscured the painting. Abergel said Palestinian residents cut up the painting and kept it in private residences, Abergel said. He said the relocation involved delicate negotiations with his Palestinian ally and careful restoration to remove the acrylic paint sprayed on Banksy’s work

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