A Bad Story At The Gorillaz Bring Out Back Tame Impala At Los Angeles Concert

The Gorillaz not only used their tour stop in Los Angeles to play a packed show at the city’s Kia Forum, however. but also to hold a special advance listening session for their new album. Titled “Cracker Island”, it is set to release on February 24, 2023.

Gorillaz albums are always full of guests

The Gorillaz albums are always full of guests, and the Damon Albarn-helmed group to join them on stage on Friday nights. The music was hit by the stars. Namely, Beck, Tame Impala, and Thundercat are among the characteristics of “Cracker”. Island” – with Stevie Nicks and Bad Bunny, both on tour elsewhere, more on the latter. Dale performed “Rock the House” and the fateful “Clint Eastwood”.

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Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker

Beck, dressed like best man at a wedding in 1977. Once in their 2020 collaboration with the group for “The Valley of the Pagans”. and came again for the first unveiling of their song from “Cracker Island.” Captured Island. Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker sang with Booty Brown on Albarn’s previously released single, “New Gold.” And Thundercat slid smoothly across the stage to rend the album’s title track.

De La Soul bounces for “Feel Good Ink”

It wasn’t just about “Cracker Island,” though, as De La Soul bounced for “Feel Good Inc.” Fatomata Diara took the stage for “Desol”. And Schoolboy Q made the debut for “Pac-Man.” – Time appearance for the rapper Gorillaz. Two nights earlier, Dale had joined the group in San Francisco for Funky Homosapien “Rock the House”. This appearance was particularly significant as Dale suffered serious injuries while performing “Clint Eastwood” during the set of Gorillaz at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2018.

What Albern said about working with Kurstin

“Cracker Island” was called “10 to 11 days, all told. Albarn said, a slight exaggeration as he later said he would record “Tormenta” with Bad Bunny. Traveled to Jamaica and was accepted. stated that “New Gold” was the song that took the longest. Its 6/4 bar signature didn’t help with its completion. About working with Kurstin, Albarn said it was “very funny. Instant. spontaneous. Greg has one of the best studios in the world, Analog, with everything EQed and ready to go.

The evening before the Los Angeles performance,

The evening before the Los Angeles performance, a select few from the music industry at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood for playback of “Cracker Island”. An advance hearing of five months ahead was believed to be a rare cure. Notably followed by a Q&A with Albarn and visual artist Jamie Hewlett, as well as the album’s producer. There was a Q&A with eight-time Grammy winner Greg Kurstin. Up until this album, “I’ve been very resistant to much of L.A.’s allure. That accident broke her rib and left a hole in her lung. And she hasn’t performed since then for the Kia Forum Show.”

Playback took place at Studio B in the famous location

Playback took place in the famous location’s Studio B, which was glowing with fuchsia lighting accents like a womb. The Gorillaz album is one of its predecessors, and “Cracker Island”, the semi-virtual group’s eighth studio album, is no different. In addition to the above artists, the 10-song album also features Stevie Nicks on “Oil,” Bad Bunny on “Tormenta” and Adélie Omotoyo on “Silent Running.” Fielding most of the questions, Albarn listened to a Q&A session. He called Cracker Island the multi-platinum group’s “L.A. album.”

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