90 Day Fiancée Spoiler Bilal Hajiz Revealed

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers found that the star, Bilal Hajiz, posted pieces of evidence to her Instagram story. In order to show that he made up for the mischief he had on his fiancée, Shayda Sween.

Met a Yogi From Trinidad and Tobago

Bilal, who divorced about seven years ago, met his current fiancé, a yogi from Trinidad and Tobago. As good as the pair looked, there was a problem with Bilal’s Shaida. The property investor and agent are likely to have an unfortunate relationship. Where he finds out that women stay with him only for his money, this may have made him suspicious of his fiancée.

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Real Estate Agent Shows Signs of Distrust

On Shaida’s first day in America, Bilal decides to test her to see. Is she a gold digger, so he takes her to his old house, which Shaida later describes as vintage? However, many details point to the fact that Shaida had no idea of ​​how much Bilal earns, with the real estate agent showing signs of disbelief, which sparked outrage from fans.

A fan Asked Bilal

Using various social media platforms, fans have clarified how they feel about Bilal. A fan questioned Bilal as to why he was with her when he couldn’t trust her. Using his Instagram page, Bilal cleared the air by saying that he did not disrespect Shaida.

Bilal Posted a Video to Apologize

Then to apologize, Bilal posted a video in which his bed (now in his room) was decorated with roses with “Shida” written on it. He also gave her gifts which included custom-made shirts. Apart from Bilal’s obvious insecurities, the couple has another issue related to children. While Bilal already has two children with his ex-wife, he has made it clear that he does not wish to have any more children, while Shaida wants her first child at the age of 37; Many believe that Bilal is taking advantage of how Shaida feels for him.

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