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6 Inch Kettle Sold for 20 Crores

The cost of things increases with the passage of time. Especially if something is centuries old, then its value goes into crores. One such tea kettle is in discussion at this time. The price of which has been put at more than Rs 20 crore during the auction. This very beautiful-looking kettle was made during the year 1740. And it was given as a gift to the Chinese King Qianlong.

A unique tea kettle is currently in discussion

The things that emerge out of the womb of history. Everyone is excited to see and understand them and keep them with them. One such unique tea kettle is in discussion at the moment. This 18th-century kettle is blue in color and has been sold during the auction. That is, its value in Indian currency is more than 20 crore 30 lakh rupees.

This kettle was bought in 1925

The tea kettle was made during the year 1740. It was prepared for the then King Qianlong of China. It was bought by an officer and his wife in the year 1925 from a dealer in London after the First World War. Its price was kept at £800,000 i.e. 8 crores. But later its bid increased.

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6-inch kettle sold for 20 crores

According to the report of The Sun, this kettle is 6 inches wide and is made of bronze. More such kettles are present in museums in Taipei, Taiwan, and America. The initial price of the kettle in the auction was kept more than 8 crores. But in the auction, it gradually pulled up to reach more than 17 crores 24 lakh 93 thousand. Kettle bidding took place in Mayfair, central London. Its entire price was settled for more than 20 crores 30 lakh rupees. While auctioning it was told that this is a very rare and historical piece, which was made for the king himself.

Teapot boasts history

The kettle has been bought by Far East Collector. This was a lost legacy of Chinese history. Which the Chinese collectors have got again. There are pictures of mountains and lakes on top of the kettle. Along with this, there is a beautiful shining in the kettle decorated with some flowers and butterflies artwork. There is also a royal mark of that time on the tea kettle.

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