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52 year Old Woman Claims Sex Saved Her Life

Having sex regularly even at the age of 52 proved beneficial for a woman. This habit of his saved the life of the woman from a dangerous disease.

52-year-old woman

Having sex regularly even at the age of 52 proved beneficial for a woman. Due to their active sex life, he got to know about a major disease in time. Due to which his life was saved.

The incident in Hampshire, England

According to the report of Daily Mirror, Tina Gray lives in Hampshire, England. His age is 52 years. While the age of her husband Days is about 51 years. Tina Gray has had menopause about 2 years ago.

Closer after menopause

According to the report, Tina and Dez are very active sexually even at this age. After menopause, the couple got over the fear of pregnancy. After which both have come closer. One day the woman felt like some strange lump in her breast. She asked her husband whether it was a new knot. Everything is as normal as before. After checking the husband told that it looks like a lump.

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Breast cancer found in check-up

After this, both the husband and wife went to the doctor. There, in the medical check-up, it was found that lumps were forming in both the breasts of Tina Grey. One of these knots was small and the other large. According to doctors, it was a cancerous lump. Tina said that due to being sexually active, she came to know about this dangerous disease in time. Due to which the doctors started his treatment.

Doctors saved a life by doing surgery

According to the report, the woman’s breast cancer had reached stage three. In such a situation, it is difficult for the patient to survive. Despite this, the doctors performed surgery on the woman and removed her lump. Which saved his life. Tina says that she got this life because of her husband’s Days and Britain’s National Health Service. Being sexually active, the husband immediately recognized the lump. Had it not been so, she would not have been able to survive in the world.

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