50 Cent Ex Vivica A. Fox Responds To Rumors

Talking with Claudia Jordan over Cocktails with the Queens. Vivica A Fox addressed the rumors that her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent had undergone penis enlargement surgery. When the topic was discussed, Fox did not hesitate to call plastic surgeon Angela Kogan. who claimed it was false to spread rumors that prompted Fife to file a lawsuit.

Fox said with a smile

Angela, you’re lying,” Fox said with a smile. “That’s all I’m going to say. If that’s one thing that I know to be true, it ain’t got no raise. he is nice. She said this is a rare instance where she and 50 agree. “Listen, for once, I’m with him on that. When he’s right on him I’m with him. No, it’s all good.

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Fox dates 50 Cent in 2003

Fox dated 50 Cent in 2003, and the 58-year-old is confident. That 47-year-old Fife didn’t need any help in his nether regions. As for the rumors, they stem from Kogan and his company Perfection Plastic Surgery and Medspa. In the complaint filed by 50 Cent, he blamed it for promoting business. Accused of using a photo taken with him.

The implication that he underwent penis enlargement surgery

He alleged that Kogan used the photo without any explicit authorization or consent. And he only took the photo because he believed she was a fan. Fif says he had never had such a procedure or surgery in Kogan’s business. He argued that the use of the photo, and the implication that he had undergone penis enlargement surgery, made him the subject of “ridicule” and damaged his professional and personal reputation. He is seeking unspecified damages.

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