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5 Students Who Went Swimming In Krishna River In Andhra Pradesh Died Due To Drowning

In the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, a teacher including 5 students died due to drowning in water.

Death of 5 students who went to swim in Krishna river

There was an outcry in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh at that time. When together with 5 students, the teacher died due to drowning in the water. The incident is of the previous day when the students along with their teacher had gone to take a bath in the river.

Death due to too fast river flow

According to the information received, 5 students and a teacher studying in Veda Pathshala located near Madipadu village of Achampet Mandal had gone to take a bath in the Krishna river. It is believed that he did not know how to swim and he drowned due to the rapid flow of the river.

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The local resident told that, after the incident, there was a scream in the area, and on seeing it, a crowd of people gathered around the Krishna river. At the same time, the people present at the spot informed the police in a hurry.

All the bodies were pulled from the river

On getting the information, the police reached the spot. A team of special swimmers carried out the rescue operation in which the bodies of all the 5 students and the teacher were fished out from the river after hours of effort. It is being told that 3 of the deceased students were residents of Uttar Pradesh. Two students were from Madhya Pradesh while one teacher was from Narasaraopeta.

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