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41 Killed Including Volunteer Leader In African Country Burkina Faso Attacks

Islamic extremists have killed 41 people in an attack in northern Burkina Faso. Among the dead are prominent leaders of a voluntary organization helping the army.

41 killed in African country Burkina Faso attack

41 people have died in an ambush in the African country of Burkina Faso. Islamic extremists carried out this attack last week, the information of which has now come to the fore. Among the dead are prominent leaders of a voluntary organization helping the country’s army. The government has given this information. Government spokesman Alkasoum Maiga has declared two days of mourning following a gruesome ambush on a convoy in Loroum province on Thursday.

Rapid increase in incidents of violence

Heni Nasaibia, a senior researcher at the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, said. The death of the leader of Burkina Faso’s most important voluntary organization has created a sense of panic. Incidents of violence are increasing in Burkina Faso, once a peaceful West African nation. Attacks linked to Al Qaeda and Islamic State have increased.

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Government failed to stop terror

The government, which has failed to stop the terror of Islamic extremists that has been going on for four years, has been facing these deadly attacks for the past few months. Thousands of people killed in the Saleh region and nearly a million people have had to leave their homes in the attacks by the extremists. Terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) have inflicted heavy damage on the forces in the region. Soldiers are being killed in attacks almost every week in countries like Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali.

Rakar faced opposition from leaving office

In November, more than 50 lingams were killed in attacks on the country’s security forces. At least 60 people of the Sohal region were massacred in the attack in June. The government faced opposition from stepping down amid its inability to stop the violence following the November attacks.

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