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4 Bodyguards Of RJD MLC Candidate Arrested For Intimidating Voters

Police have arrested four bodyguards of RJD MLC candidates in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Police have recovered three rifles and one pistol from them. All these weapons registered in Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, after the arrest, the candidate has described him as his supporter.

Police arrested four bodyguards of RJD MLC candidate Shambhu Singh

In Muzaffarpur, Bihar, four bodyguards of RJD MLC candidate Shambhu Singh have been arrested by the police in the Model Code of Conduct violation case. Police have recovered 3 rifles and a pistol from them. The police now getting the seized weapon checked by a magistrate and getting it verified. According to what has come to the fore in the initial investigation and interrogation, he has a license from Jammu and Kashmir. The police are ascertaining whether the seized weapon has an All India permit or is valid only in Jammu and Kashmir. Along with this, the police have also registered an FIR against MLC candidate Shambhu Singh in Ahiyapur police station in the model code of conduct violation case.

Police were getting complaints against them

Regarding the arrest, the police said that the police had received information that some armed men were working to intimidate the voters. After this, the police team raided Ahiyapur and caught all four on the basis of the location given by the people. During interrogation, he told that he the bodyguard of all RJD candidates Shambhu Singh. On the other hand, when asked about Arms, it told that it has a license and belongs to Jammu and Kashmir. After this, all four arrested after it came to light that they had a license from another state.

Two bodyguards are residents of UP

On the arrest, the SSP of Muzaffarpur told that the election of MLC to held on April 4. Model code of conduct is applicable in this regard. Even after this, walking in public with weapons like this is a violation of the law. All four arrested on this basis. The arrested bodyguards identified as Munna Shukla of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, Anil Kumar Thakur of Ballia, UP, Murari Kumar of Katra Dhanour, Muzaffarpur, and Mahendra Sharma of Ahiyapur-Sahbazpur. The SSP said that in the initial investigation, it appears that the weapons with these bodyguards are illegal in Bihar, everything will be clear only after the magisterial investigation.

Our supporters are not bodyguards – Shambhu Singh

On the other hand, on the arrest of the bodyguard, MLC candidate Shambhu Singh said that this is a conspiracy of the opposition to implicate him. He said that this done to defame him unnecessarily. Along with this, the four have also denied being their bodyguards. Shambhu Singh said that these people are supporters not his bodyguards. Those who have not received after asking from the government have themselves come under their protection. Some of them are even retired soldiers.

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