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31 Refugees Going From France To Britain Died

The incident is from the northern port of Calais. It is believed that 34 people were on board the boat. Out of which 31 bodies have been found and two people have been found alive. One person is still missing.

31 refugees going from France to Britain died

At least 31 refugees trying to travel from France to Britain died on Wednesday. All of them were crossing the English Channel. His boat capsized. The local mayor of France has given this information. After this accident with the refugees, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called an emergency meeting. Expressed grief and regret over the accident.

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French Interior Minister Gerald Darminin said

The French Interior Ministry said that the information about the accident was received after information received from the fisherman. French Interior Minister Gerald Darminin said 34 people were reported to have drowned. The administration has found 31 bodies. While 2 people were saved. One person is still missing. However, no information has been received about which country the deceased belonged to.

People trying to flee France to Britain

Due to the ongoing conflict in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, people fleeing from there are in the northern towns of France. Trying to go to Britain. Despite the dangerous weather, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people crossing the English Channel using small boats this year. This year 25,700 people have crossed the channel in small boats. This is three times more than last year.

Philippe Dutrix said it was impossible to completely secure the 130-km coastline and prevent all migrant ships from attempting the crossing. At the same time, he criticized the cynicism of smugglers who throw migrants overboard because it is a profitable business.

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