3 WWE Superstars who replace The Undertaker’WrestleMania streak in place of Brock Lesnar

The Undertaker’s WWE WrestleMania winning streak was one of the greatest achievements in wrestling history. What started with The Undertaker picking up a few wins at WrestleMania turned into something more. Became a big part of the show. Fans would speculate who would step up to face The Undertaker every year.

The shock on the faces of WWE fans

The Undertaker would beat any superstar who tried to move on year after year. Whether it was a title match, a retirement match, a Hell in a Cell match or a regular singles match, Undertaker won them all. Eventually, fans began to believe that the streak would never be broken, and they were perfectly fine with it. On April 6, 2014, the unimaginable happened. Controversially, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker and began his WrestleMania winning streak, increasing his record to 21–1. It was one of the most shocking moments in professional wrestling history. The silence of the crowd after the referee made the three count was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There was nothing but shock on the faces of WWE fans when the camera panned to the crowd. It was a moment where you remember where you were, who you were with and what you were doing when it happened.

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WWE took advantage of Lesnar’s victory

Brock Lesnar did the unimaginable by ending The Undertaker’s streak, but was he the right person to do it? WWE took advantage of Lesnar’s victory and set him up for a huge run over the next few years. Brock Lesnar has been virtually untouchable since WrestleMania 30. The point is, Brock Lesnar was already a proven star. WWE could have pulled off this monster run with or without The Undertaker defeating him. This win made Lesnar more dangerous than ever, but WWE could have benefited more from this win. Here are three superstars who could have ended The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak in place of Brock Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt during his time in WWE

From the jump, Bray Wyatt was being compared to The Undertaker. Their characters were not exactly alike, but they did have similarities. Bray Wyatt had a few nicknames during his time in WWE, but for a while, he was calling himself “the new face of fear”. As The Undertaker began to slow down and wasn’t competing full-time, Bray Wyatt stepped in as the new scary, creepy guy on the roster.

After the Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar

A victory over The Undertaker would have been a final route to the Torch moment. Defeating The Undertaker would have greatly benefited Bray Wyatt’s character and skyrocketed his career. The year after The Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar, they had a match at WrestleMania, but Wyatt was unable to pick up the win. If Bray Wyatt were the one to end The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, I guarantee that his first run in WWE would have been very different.

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